As hard as it was leaving you
I knew that one day there would be a decision that could make a profit for my soul
“To be bound by your love” or
“Be free from your drug”
I simply couldn’t think of another way that wouldn’t be beneficial
Nothing about you was superficial
Just like the history we’ve shared
I’ve bare more about myself then I could ever recommend
So why does it feels like it was the beginning to our ending?
why does it feels like you of all people,
your presence was selling nothing but dreams
I mean after all you were the only thing I could see myself with for eternity
Eternity was what I finally learned that it was nothing but memories. That’s eternity
Eternity as in finally letting go, still feeling stuck on whether my decision was fully in vain
That’s how insane eternity can be
Maybe moving on was easy on your part
Maybe you saw that I had something you could benefit from
I can’t say the same, it was reciprocated
But was my time with you suffocating?
If so let time and departure be your medication
No apologies,
No regretting
Just a Lesson Learn..

© Anton K. D’Niage


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