Giving all for myself
Afraid if I messed up all the work I’ve put in would be of no use
Maybe that’s why I mirror myself in someone else’s views
In exchange for the deep, I became shallow in everything
I try taking things lightly to calm my demons
I mirrored that side of myself
They figured I could be easily influenced
So In exchange I became what they wanted me to be, only to look for freedom in people, in situations
Those nights I caged myself in every mess
I became that mess
Covering and closing off the pain by the way I dress
The people I pretended to impress
As dumb as this may sound, I could see through my deception
Until then it’s best to fake the bullshit
Some call it sad
Others may call it Lost
I mirror myself to mask the broken

¬©Anton K. D’Niage


2 thoughts on “7th House

  1. First, I like to photos – left me almost speechless. The second thing I liked in the poem is tiny reminder of astrology I had as I was reading. I don’t know was that the original intention, but as the 7th house in astrology represents our other half, where we do literally mirror ourselves – I enjoyed very much reading it. So much to tell about the seventh house…

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