The wind whispers out in uncertainty
As earth births the moon from her broken pieces
Kissed him
And Kept him by her side
As a bird is free from its cage
unaware that it is still bound by the skies that it thinks is ultimate freedom
Just as death seeks on finding love but in return is distressed,
Everything it touches turns into a mess
Like the change in seasons
Fall and Winter was earths time to mourn, so were her people that felt her pain
She was just as selfish as the rest
For sin knows nothing of its nature
God came in white colors of virtues
In pain,
In disgrace to see earth in such disaster
Colors can be unseen just as sounds can be impaired
I wonder if those that are blind are the ones that are truly fortunate?
What if the one’s that are deaf hears all things?

What if Life is just as backwards than we know of it?
What if…

©Anton K. D’Niage


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