I’ve waited for you on that aisle to mark our love as if it would be my last day
The pain and pleasure mixed together brought us memories of our 1st love and 1st hate
I knew it would be too late to run to the simple things
After all we’re soul tides, skin deep, branded on our on and off fling
Remember when you told me it would be ok, I waited for the pain to heal
Scratching and peeling the hurt but the process I’ve witness was beyond everything
But the beauty of it all was that the love I had for you was permanent
I showed you off making sure I did everything to make sure this relationship wasn’t detriment
Every time I watch you I felt a piece of us begin to fade away
I fear I would lose you, I showered my loyalty to you
Day by day all I have left was the colorless mark I’ve branded
I saw perfection in you yet you left me in false hopes and empty handed
It cost me misfortune and heartache to realize everything we once had is under the sink
What was once a soul connection is now a memory of useless color and black ink

©Anton K. D’Niage


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