As mad as I wanted to be
I couldn’t help but overlook all the things you’ve caused me
Putting me in this position
I manage to love your flaws and all
But that was my downfall.
The burdens you laid on me,
I couldn’t think that someone like you would use me
Confuse me,
then abuse me.
In ways we were connected emotionally,
Scars and all
Loving your flaws and all
Again that was my downfall…
You found an opportunity to end this
I salute to your recklessness
To be straight bold in my brokenness
You got a kick in seeing me defeated
But I forgot.. It’s you we’re talking..
I don’t know if I could forgive you,
Don’t know if I could ever trust you
But through it all
with your flaws and all
Somehow I still love you

©Anton K. D’Niage


Artist: Chantrelle LeNoir




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