Time is passing
Be mindful of your actions
In these last days things are unimaginable.
Understand that there’s a reality in things you can’t see
He awaits his day as the skies opens in disarray
Unarmed, at ease
He comes as a thief to take those he is pleased
Of wars, they are signs to get ready
We stay lost in peace,
unaware of things we can’t see
You lead unto your understanding
You correspond to your logic to entice your deceptions
Expecting comfort in your darkest reflection
To love yourself more than those you are closest to,
unaware that your heart is growing cold
But these must unfold, in these last days the flesh and the divine will intertwine
Intelligence heightened,
Spirituality is highly elevated,
Everything that touches turns into hypocrisy for those that cry for peace must bring war to achieve such dream
Is the greed of money as equivalent to the greed of food?
What can be justified if those that preach the gospel wind up persecuted, and then executed?
Is earthy comfort more suffice than eternal security?
But these must unfold
I know nothing of these circumstances
In honesty I have no reason to inform this
But as God who has the power to judge a soul for its works
Eternity would seem unreal for those who see’s death as an escape
Just as it makes sense for the dead to go back from wench it came
A dust of generations in ashes
It is a sole duty to open the minds of those that are sleep
Realize our reality isn’t what it seems to be.
Don’t rely on pipe dreams and earthly fantasies
Peace is most certain but it will come in uncertainty
Trust in man will be your downfall
They do works that plays the role of the creator but what’s original can’t be duplicated
Take heed to the signs
Time is passing
Be mindful of your actions
We are in these last days
So ask yourself, are you ready?

©Anton K. D’Niage


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