We go for material things

The cars, the house, the clothes, and the blings..

Just to say it’s all temporary

“Trying to be a star.. What’s the hurry?”

See you trying to please people who don’t even want shit to do with you

So you got some “exposure”

A little “recognition” and they notice.

You stab those closest to you feeding your wicked intentions,

Following the wrong crowd, giving the wrong attention.

Was being a sell out worth it?

Yea you got the money, but your soul is burning,

Since you fake keep pretending you ain’t hurting

That lifestyle of yours is turning deadly

You steady trying to fit in with those who can’t fit themselves in (Most won’t get it)

I recommend that you’ll get what you’ve earned

Karma is a bitch  and you’ll get what you deserve

Claiming you “elevating”

Quit using God for shit you know he isn’t pleased with

Don’t play yourself

You claim your new circle ain’t nothing but “real ones”

Lie again, you, the sell out

One fake in the group makes the whole group fake

Was it worth it?

You gained the world

Was it worth it?

Cause when you die that soul of yours will be burning

That wasn’t a change for the better

Don’t let your ignorance crown you

“You trying to be a star. What’s the hurry?”

Pleasing people who don’t want shit to do with you

You got some “exposure”

Yea they noticed

Stabbing people close to you, feeding your wicked intention

Following the wrong crowd, giving the wrong attention

©Anton K. D’Niage



Artist: España Garcia


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