You were the best thing ever..
I mean.. second best
Can’t let you have all my attention
We begin talking about the future and not to mention we sparked a few subliminal’s here and there
The conversations were deep but the connection got deeper
You, the mind
I didn’t mind what would happen,
Just say “Fuck it,” can’t keep inhaling the tension,
I wanted you as much as you wanted me
All this talk was burning the moment, Our moment
but too soon I realize that would be suicide
I, the body
I can’t body those thoughts when I’m around you.
It’s always one thing leading another with you
and it damn sure isn’t the first time we messed around and as much
as I want you it was like we always ended things with a bang
So much for the buzz but there was more to us fighting
Like I said the connection got deeper
Us, the soul
We were soul-tides,
Skin deep,
As high as our love that transcends the clouds
but when it’s over we’re back in hell with problems you created,
blaming me that I’m the only one causing all the BS
Then we roll back to the silence,
while you’re at it, you go on a pass by and I’m the one that has to fix this.
We go back sparking the conversations, the connection got deeper
Then we forget what happened.
Lost in time, dividing the fragments
As high as the tension
As mellow the presence,
The silence getting deeper
It was like 3 of you in 1
My three trinity,
my three crushed leaves
You were the best thing ever
I mean… second best
Can’t let you have all my attention,
But since it’s just you I don’t mind

©Anton K. D’Niage





Artist: Unknown


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