You are as conscious as Pluto
The world you carry cant counterfeit the burdens you’ve buried
We realize that we need you in every essence of our being
Just imagine a world without your comfort,
A voice as sincere,
your mind is the clouds serenity
We do not hate you,
as we were taught to respect you
we honor you.
As powerful as your soul that searches through your imperfections
There’s always a moment of silence when you walk,
your head held high
And they wonder, “How does she do it?”
While others would say, “After all of that..”
“Nah she’s probably used to it”
To feel so deeply yet think wisely
Not even half the pain you’ve endured not one person could recommend your story
As a black woman understand,
We see you,
We’re watching you
Most of all we salute you to your strength.
My black woman I always wonder “How do you do it?”

©Anton K. D’Niage


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