I stand before you
the judge of Time,
As you reflect upon
your actions convinced
that they’re mines.

Considering that your dying wish
is to bare false witness
of intentions brought by guilt-trips.

Convincing that innocence
should serve justice,
and you, a wicked man, should
walk out in freedom to be at peace
within your last days.

How absurd, yet amazing that
a person can amount to ignore
the accountability of his actions

Rest assure that your nights
become restless
And your death, endless.

Consider the Judge of Time
and the Judge of Divine;
Conviction will be brought upon
you as a payment to your creator.
You must pay your debts by the
actions that led to your suffering.

And as you walk out a free man,
my punishment is only but

but for the conviction of your soul,
your punishment will last,
For eternity.



You only want me for the company
I figure, there was a chance to mirror the connection,
But the vibe visualized the exit
Following the blank expression.
What was the lesson?
Thinking, that you were available
but that was a lost connection..
Pursuing your acceptance
Silent rejection.
You only want me to fill the emptiness,
You only wanted me for the physical,
you’re sending mixed signals..
I gave you a chance to mirror the connection
Instead, we lost connection..



I pray for you night and day
Meditating on the good and bad,
even though we moved on,
my mind is still stuck on the past.
Trying my hardest not wishing
you the worst
But whats worse? Lying to myself,
or hiding my intentions when your name
gets called out of an outburst?
If only I could bury you like I do in my heart,
If only forgiving you and letting go was mutual.
Maybe I was a fool,
and you made me a fool
for thinking of you,
praying for you,
but at the same time I hated you.
If only I could bury you like I do in my heart,
If only forgiving you and letting go was mutual..



Broken Glass

My hands are cut from broken glasses
seeking for your approval.
As if blood can turn us into strangers,
Walking on eggshells with you was brutal
in a sense that reliving your childhood would
find the answers that would diffuse your lack of
understanding the collateral damage you caused
on those around you.
I understand that something that was once broken
can’t go back to its original.
Even if you decide to fix the issue,
the cracks will remain visible.
Even if guilt allows you to pick the
pieces with your bare hands, the cuts and blood stains
can’t comprehend the emotional damage that was collected
over time.
You compounded your pain and chaos became that interest.
I, come with no intention but to pick your pieces
that I haven’t caused
and now my hands are cut from broken glasses
Seeking for your approval..



I’m screaming
“speak to me”
But you’re an addict
to the suffering
You walk out
thinking I was nothing
like, I’m nothing to you
thinking you used me, so I’m
nothing to you
What can I do?
You love it when I’m
chasing you.
I’m such a fool
running after you
Screaming at you
to “speak to me”
But you’re an addict to
the suffering
You walk out,
like I was nothing..